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Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day

A college student relives the day of her murder over and over again as she tries to discover her killer’s identity.

This Will Change Your View About Life

Since few week you can watch Happy Death Day online and in theaters – a fun and unpretentious horror, in which a college girl is brutally murdered every night, and then sent back again at the beginning of the day until she reveals her killer and prevented her own death.

Happy Death Day 2017

When I saw the trailer a few months ago, I didn’t expected they would release the movie in the theaters – movies lacking incredible special effects and with less than 8 digit budget are rarely big success. I suspected there was a reason for Universal to release such cheap movie. And I was right! Without being something revolutionary, Happy Death Day achieves excellent results in all the tasks it sets.

30-year-old Jessica Roth plays loose college-girl Tree Gelbman, who lives from party to party and balances between the other loose girls in her sorority (the situation there is only one idea better than that in Scream Queens), the teacher with whom the affair revolves, and the cute boys, who she dates drunk at night.

At first, Tree is the most common and superficial young woman, who we would love to date at a party, but we would not grieve too much if an unknown murderer had slaughtered her in the evening. But gradually we get to know her, and we see that the girl is good, she just doesn’t deal with her personal drama in the best way. And the recurring day gives her a good foundation to observe herself and learn to be better.

Who would want to kill her? Here are some possibilities:

  • The unfamiliar boy in whose dorm room she is waking up in
  • His lost roommate
  • Any of the previous hookups, whose phone calls she’s not answering
  • The hypocritical members of the sisterhood
  • Neglected roommate
  • The teacher from her love affair
  • His wife
  • The fat woman whose petition in favor of ecology Gelbman refuses to sign
  • Some offended waitress or a saleswoman who’s not in her close circle of friends

There are a lot of suspects with motive. The protagonist will have to die about 20 times before she reveals her killer and take her life in her hands.

The concept about the recurring day is not new or rare, it may even seem boring. Tree doesn’t get it earlier and in the first iteration of her birthday she repeats her footsteps almost identically, which can get slightly annoying when you watch Happy Death Day free online especially for those familiar with the storyline. We can only justify her for her frequent alcohol amnesia, the hangover, the blond hair, and the fact that she didn’t watch Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, but the “time loop” is used in the best possible way. The repetitive motive gives the opportunity for both good development of the main mystery and for fun twists and moments. The suspects are eliminated from the list one by one until she comes to a successful conclusion. And in the meantime, her heroine is going to die, although she rarely gives up without fighting.

Tree Gelbman wakes up again
The genre of the film is a horror (and is a production of Blumhouse – the makers of “Paranormal Activity”, “Insidious”, “The Purge”, “Split”, etc.) but is quite modest from blood and there are many comedy elements (for example, the scene in which Tree was killed over and over again, but she wakes up with fun, by the sound of a song), which is distinguished and is in the rank of Scream. I did not expect the dramatic moments in which the heroine realizes an important truth about herself, takes an important step in her life or even haves a feeling, which is not typical for her.

Viewers paying close attention will probably reveal the killer from the very beginning, but even if Happy Death Day gives some hints, the movie does not leave you to be sure of anything. It can be anyone, at anytime, until proven otherwise. However, I wouldn’t take away the surprise because there are enough unexpected moments and people wearing the creepy mask. Add to this the fact that the movie manages to be scary and funny without irritating the audiences, the overall score can’t be less than excellent. I repeat – watch Happy Death Day – although the film is not some grand production that will remain in history, it is an ideal form of entertainment, and the film’s qualities fully justify its existence in the horror genre and is worth the ticket for the cinema. I’d even watch it again.

Duration: 96 min


IMDb: 6.5