Five Nicholas Sparks Books That Should Be Adapted To Film

With the latest Nicholas Sparks book to be adapted to film, Safe Haven, set to premiere this Thursday, I thought it would be fun to look at Nicholas Sparks books that haven’t been adapted yet, but should.

Nicholas Sparks in Safe Haven

Of his 17 novels written, 8 (including Safe Haven) have been adapted to full movie and have been very successful. It’s not really a matter of if, but when will the remaining books be adapted to film. I have listed the next five books that I want to be adapted and who I think would be a good fit for the two main characters.

The Guardian

Julie Barenson is a woman who just lost her husband four years ago was left two gifts: a puppy named Singer and his promise that he would always be watching over her. Now, she struggles to move on, but finds hope when two suitors enter her life: a handsome, sophisticated man named Richard Franklin or her husband’s best friend Mike Harris.

Why it would make a good movie: It’s not really a good excuse, but the main reason is just because it’s a good story. There are parts that are very relatable to many different people. The climax of the story is fast-paced and exciting and as I read the book, I could just picture it being done on the big screen. My only hope is that if it is done, it’s done accurately and doesn’t feel rushed (like I felt when watching the end to The Lucky One).

The Best of Me

The Best Of Me - movie scene

Dawson and Amanda are from two different worlds when they met and fell in love in high school and some unpredictable events occurred, forcing the two down separate paths. Twenty five years later they come back together to remember and old friend and they see that the feelings they have for one another are still there. Now, they must face their feelings along with the problems of their present and past.

Not exactly one of my favorites. It felt very similar to the other books that he wrote. I did like the ending which was its saving grace. But the love story was very similar to The Notebook.

Why it would make a good movie: The ending to the book is very Hollywood-esque. It may not be one of the best movies that is adapted from his book, but it would still be worth the watch. Dawson was a good guy born in a bad family and Amanda just stuck in her life.

The Rescue

Taylor is a volunteer fireman and one day Kyle goes missing in a rain storm into the swampy area. Taylor goes in search of him but with a problem, he can’t talk. Miraculously, he does find Kyle and creates a bond with him and his mother, Denise, that forces him to reassess his life.

Taylor is probably one of my favorite characters that Sparks ever wrote in all his books. He is so complex and complicated but has a heart of gold. The guilt that he carries a burden and it only weighs him down more as the story goes on.

Why it would make a good movie: Right from the start there is excitement. Taylor has some problems that he’s been ignoring most of his life and when he forms a relationship with Denise, they come to a head. It was very entertaining watching his formation as he grew closer with Denise and Kyle and I believe that if this film is done the right way, it could be one of the best adapted Sparks’s books.

The Choice

Travis Parker has everything he could ever want in life, at least that’s what he thought until Gabby Holland moves next door to him. Now, he sees that there is more to life then what he thought.

The Choice (2016) Film

This book is a little different then Sparks’s other books because it covered basically a whole relationship from start to essentially the end. A good 70% of the book is them meeting and falling in love, but the 30% of their marriage is where all the action happens. It has one probably the 2nd saddest ending of one of his books (At First Sight is hands down the saddest, most unexpected ending I’ve read of his).

Why it would make a good movie: This movie deals with one of life’s hardest questions and it raises the question, what would you do? There is no right or wrong answer to it and your heart really goes out to Travis for the choice that he has to make. The story is about faith and hope and love and the emotion is raw as Travis deals with his dilemma.

A Bend in the Road

Miles is still recovering from losing his wife in a hit-and-run accident two years earlier. Sarah, a teacher from Baltimore, tries to rebuild her life as she moves past a difficult divorce. They meet when Miles’s son, Jonah, has a problem in school and has to meet his teacher, Sarah. From there, they begin a relationship and fall in love. But their love is challenged when a secret is revealed and Miles questions everything that he knows.

A little bit of a slow start but does pick up once their relationship gets under way. They meet rather fast, but it takes some time for them to develop a relationship. Neither one wants to dive in to quickly nor Miles has the added element of feeling guilt for moving on.

Why it would make a good movie: Just a good ole fashioned good story. Both characters are trying to move on from something in their past but both have a hard time doing so. They use each other to get past that point, but of course something occurs that makes them question everything. The story deals with overcoming things that are outside of our control and just having faith in love to get you through the tough times.